Horticulture: For a Greener World

In this very special story of transcendent revelations and global repercussions, track the course of L. Ron Hubbard’s horticultural discoveries. Told through articles and personal notes—here is a journey of discovery bearing upon all living things and the very essence of life itself.

I found that we must have a better communication with plants, if we are ever to begin to understand them and use them to the fullest advantage of Mankind.

—L. Ron Hubbard

  • An Introduction to L. Ron Hubbard
  • Experimental Background
    • » Duties of a Grounds Manager
    • » Experimental Procedure
    • » Grow Lights
    • » The Magic of Seed Irradiation
    • » Light and Your Plants
    • » Automating Your Greenhouse
    • » Sowing and Soil
    • » On Germination Rates
    • » The First Crop of 1960
    • » Advice and Diagnosis
    • » Methods of Transplanting
  • Advanced Experimentation
    • » The Inner Life of Plants Revealed
    • » Revolution Rocks the Plant Kingdom!
    • » An Insider’s View
    • » Corollary Discoveries
  • Cultural Outgrowth
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